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A Clean Car Is A Happy Car

There’s nothing better than seeing a bright shine on your freshly valeted car. At Aqua Todo, we take pride in the work we do and treat your car like it was our own. 

Car Wash & valeting service


We Use Professional Equipment

It may seem that anyone can pick up a bucket and sponge to wash a car, but using this equipment incorrectly with the wrong techniques can easily damage the paintwork. We ensure our team are highly trained and well equipped to deliver the finest of finishes keeping your car in the best condition.

We strive for a personal approach

We understand the pride in having a clean car, we focus on giving our clients, that wow factor once we’re finished. With our training we’ve adapted our methods, testing different products for different cars so you can have the best finish. Knowing the fundamentals on how to successfully wash and valet is where we put our pride.


We aim to provide the best final result when valeting your car. Below are just a few ways we achieve our goals and how we set our standards. 

Exterior Hand Finish

We like to provide a personalised service and a hand finish is exactly that. We precisely examine the car, ensuring we have not missed a single spot. It's the little things that count.

Interior Polish

Looking after the interior is just as important as the exterior paint work. All materials (rubber, vinyl or leather) are deep cleaned and protected.

Interior Steam Clean

Have you had certain stains you just can't scrub out? We'll work hard to remove as many stains as possible with our speciality steam clean. This service is exclusive to our Aqua Deluxe Valet making it excellent value.

Happy Cars, Happy Clients


“Really impressed with how the car looked after. Outside looked great and I really didn’t expect the inside to be so clean again. I will definitely be using him for all my future car washes, especially as he came to my house!”

Michelle Parvez

“Top service from Aqua Todo! Very professional and know what they’re doing. Managed to do a job that others couldn’t with top of the range equipment. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a excellent car valet service”

Cameron Muncie

Pick The service That Best Suits Your Needs

Our standard services currently include: 

Commercial valeting

We also provided tailored fleet services to companies. This includes our unique option of unlimited washes for company cars. For more information, send us your enquiry. 

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