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About aqua todo

A passionate hobby that has become a growing business. It started with washing the car on a Sunday and has become a vocation. There is much skill involved in valeting, it’s much more than simply requiring a bucket and sponge. There’s the technique with the sponge and microfibre, the right products and even the temperature of the paintwork to consider. There’s a lot that could get overlooked but not at Aqua Todo. 

At Aqua Todo, we use our experience and passion to successfully deliver our service. Every single car is treated as if it were our own, giving you a personalised touch. It is important to us that our clients return to their car with pride in the vehicle and get that new car feeling. 

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Why Choose Us

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Ph Neutral

When working in hot climates it’s especially important not to use acidic products as these damage the paint or wax seal. We only use market leading products that are Ph Neutral.  

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Eco Friendly

We aim to use as little water as possible, the water we do use get’s recycled. The equipment helps to reduce water waste and product waste. Some of our products are even biodegradable and phosphate-free. 

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Personal touch

From start to finish we care about our clients and their cars by providing a personal touch. We ensure the finishing steps are done by hand so we don’t miss a single spot.

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Interior Clean

It’s great to see a clean car but it’s even better to have that clean car feeling inside. We aim to have your car looking like new by the of its treatment. 

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Valet & detailing

We provide a fully mobile, professional valeting and detailing service. Our team do not require any electricity outlets nor water outlets helping us reach more clients. 

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Our specialised products have Sanitising prospering for both interior and exterior. Making sure your car is safer in addition to looking beautiful.